Who We Are
We live produce and have for more than 200 years.

Hunts Point Produce Market is a dynamic center for New York City’s food trade, with roots going back to 1790. 

Since the first vendors opened their stalls in the cobblestone streets of 18th-century Manhattan, the market has built its reputation as a trusted source for the city’s freshest fruits and vegetables.

In the 1900s, the market continued to operate downtown before relocating in 1967 to a modernized space on its current site, a sprawling 113 acres in the Bronx.

Many of the families who established their produce companies in the market’s early days still do business at Hunts Point today.

Our Merchants

Hunts Point’s family-owned businesses provide customers with exceptional guidance and service, drawing on generations in the trade. Our more than 30 merchants build lasting relationships with farmers, importers, and wholesalers to create a seamless experience, from purchase to distribution.

Row A

A&J Produce, 718.589.7877 

E. Armata, 718.991.5600  

Fres Co, 718.589.5000  

Gold Medal Produce, 718.893.5554 

J. Margiotta Company, 718.378.5800 

Grub Market/ Mendez Int’l Tropical, 718.893.0100  

M & R Tomato Dists, 718.589.8500 

Rubin Bros. Produce, 718.589.3200 

Row B

Best Tropical Island, 718.861.3131 

C & J Brothers, 718.991.5050 

Coosemans New York, 718.328.3060 

Fierman Produce Exchange, 718.893.1640 

Katzman Berry Corp, 718.991.4700 

Lee Loi Industries, 718.542.4115 

Mabijo, 718.893.1640  

Rubin Bros. Produce, 718.589.3200 

S. Katzman Produce, 718.991.4700 

Row C

A.J. Trucco, 718.893.3060 

D’Arrigo New York, 718.991.5900 

E. Armata, 718.991.5600 

Food Barn, 718.617.3800

Issam Kanawi, 718.542.2217 

J. Renella Produce, 718.991.4210 

Nathel & Nathel, 718.991.6050 

Porricelli,  718.893.6000  

Yola Distributors, 516.292.8821 

Row D

A&J Produce,  718.589.7877 

Countrywide Produce, 718.450.8084   

Fruitco, 718.893.4500  

Georgallas Tomato & Produce, 718.842.6317  

Henry Haas, 718.378.2550 

Mr. Sprout, 718.893.1717  

Nathel & Nathel, 718.991.6050 

National Farm Wholesale, 718.617.6229 

Pan Hellenic Food NY, 718.328.8654 

Robert T. Cochran, 718.991.2340 

S. Katzman Produce, 718.991.4700 

Top Banana, 718.328.6700 

Our Approach 

Hunts Point spans 1 million square feet, with more than 30 merchants doing business across four platforms. Thousands of varieties of fruits and vegetables arrive at the market daily, traveling to us by truck, plane, boat, rail, and trailer, sourced from local farms and international importers alike. Every year, more than 210 million packages of produce pass through the market, thanks to some of the most streamlined logistics in the business. Our stock is handled with care to ensure the highest degree of food safety.

Soon after produce reaches our merchants, it makes its way to wholesalers, retailers, independent grocers, restaurateurs, and more, across the five boroughs and beyond. As technologies to optimize food freshness and safety have advanced, so has the market. Hunts Point keeps up with innovations that allow us to operate at the speed and scale necessary to serve one of the largest cities in the world.