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Here’s how to navigate the market.

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GPS Address
772 Edgewater Road
Bronx, NY 10474

Postal Address
2A New York City Terminal Mkt
Bronx, NY 10474  


Hours for Sales
Open Sunday 9 p.m. to Friday 3 p.m.

Hours for Receiving
Please contact the merchant directly.

For Press Inquiries
Please email us:

Navigating the Platforms

After entering the market through the toll-booth plaza, you can find our merchants across a series of 4 platforms. Below is a map to help you navigate the market.

Our Merchants

Row A

A&J Produce, 718.589.7877 

E. Armata, 718.991.5600  

Fres Co, 718.589.5000  

Gold Medal Produce, 718.893.5554 

J. Margiotta Company, 718.378.5800 

Grub Market/Mendez Int’l Tropical, 718.893.0100  

M & R Tomato Dists, 718.589.8500 

Rubin Bros. Produce, 718.589.3200 

Row B

Best Tropical Island, 718.861.3131 

C & J Brothers, 718.991.5050 

Coosemans New York, 718.328.3060 

Fierman Produce Exchange, 718.893.1640 

Katzman Berry Corp, 718.991.4700 

Lee Loi Industries, 718.542.4115 

Mabijo, 718.893.1640  

Rubin Bros. Produce, 718.589.3200 

S. Katzman Produce, 718.991.4700 

Row C

A.J. Trucco, 718.893.3060 

D’Arrigo New York, 718.991.5900 

E. Armata, 718.991.5600 

Food Barn, 718.617.3800

Issam Kanawi, 718.542.2217 

J. Renella Produce, 718.991.4210 

Nathel & Nathel, 718.991.6050 

Porricelli,  718.893.6000  

Yola Distributors, 516.292.8821 

Row D

A&J Produce,  718.589.7877 

Countrywide Produce, 718.450.8084   

Fruitco, 718.893.4500  

Georgallas Tomato & Produce, 718.842.6317  

Henry Haas, 718.378.2550 

Nathel & Nathel, 718.991.6050 

National Farm Wholesale, 718.617.6229 

Pan Hellenic Food NY, 718.328.8654 

Robert T. Cochran, 718.991.2340 

S. Katzman Produce, 718.991.4700 

Top Banana, 718.328.6700 


Market Fees & Logistics

Day pass: $5 per person

Car: $2

Van or Pickup Truck : $5

Straight Jobs: $10

Semi’s (4 & 5 Axle): $30


Application for the NY Produce Trade Association

If you are looking to establish credit accounts with merchants to purchase product, it is advised to undergo a financial review by the NY Produce Trade Association. Download application here. 

Hunts Point Market ID & Decal Application

If you are a frequent visitor of the market, we offer an Entrance ID Card & Car Decal for a yearly fee of $120. This also allows you to go through the fast lane at the entrance. Download application here