Welcome to Our Blog

Jan 10 2017

Welcome to Our Blog

Since the beginning of time, a delicious, vine-ripened tomato has remained one of nature’s true delights. Add crisp romaine lettuce, succulent cucumbers and sharp, spicy radishes — and you have a healthy meal. Fresh salads have graced dinner tables around the world for centuries.

And as long as Hunts Point Produce Market exists, that will never change. It’s a dedication to pure, natural produce that has driven the nearly 35 merchants to fill the halls of the Hunts Point market in the Bronx since its first incarnation in the early 1800s. That passion continues even as the merchants at Hunts Point dive into the 21st century through technology and electronic communication.

What’s New

While potatoes, beets, kale and other vegetables don’t change, how they’re prepared and eaten do develop over time in exciting new ways. We promise to share what we learn with you through this new blog. Additionally, hybrids and homegrown farming techniques may take on new twists that you’ll find on these pages.

Through this electronic media of upcoming blog posts, you’ll be able to explore:

  • Movements at home and abroad
  • Regulations that govern the Hunts Point Produce Market
  • Changing customer tastes
  • Cultural differences being embraced in New York and beyond
  • New and exciting adventures in food
  • Traditional tastes that are coming back

Improvements Acknowledged

Some things — like family, loyalty and respect for the earth — continue to drive the motivations behind the changes made by the Hunts Point merchants. At the same time, change is inevitable. So whether you want to know about the weather and how it affects crops in any given season or what new innovations drive the latest crop of young farmers joining the scene, you may find it on this blog.

The Hunts Point Produce Market blog is dedicated to the hard-working families who drive the market and bring the energy that feeds more that 60 percent of the more than 23 million people living within a 50 mile radius of the Hunts Point Produce Market. As history buffs and foodies, this Hunts Point Blog will bring you articles about those issues affecting everyone involved in growing, shipping, selling and eating fresh produce.

A Marriage of Old and New

So just as the families who fill the market in the early morning hours of the day rely on a marriage of substance and energy to bring forth their bounty, so the merchants at Hunts Point always looks to find innovation among the tried and true. Communication is the heart and soul of any marriage. And it’s through this updated website and our regular blog posts that a marriage of good old-fashioned healthy food and high-tech global communication meet.

Contact the Hunts Point Produce Market with ideas for future blog posts, questions and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you! Don’t forget to start your credit application.

Please return to this blog often to learn more about:

  • The latest recipes
  • New version of old favorites
  • Regulatory updates
  • Seasonal surprises
  • Gift ideas
  • Market happenings
  • Profiles
  • And more…


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