ID Card & Decal Application

Produce Market Entry Fee Structure

Casual visitors may enter the facility in order to purchase wholesale produce by purchasing a Visitor’s Pass for each vehicle occupant. A picture ID must be presented to enter. The ID must be issued by a state or federal authority, i.e. a Driver’s License or DMV-issued non-driver ID card. Foreign nationals may present a valid passport for identification.

Additionally, a vehicle parking pass is issued in the form of the vehicle receipt.

Frequent users may purchase an ID card and vehicle entry decal in lieu of paying for entry each time. In order to be eligible, you will need a letter from one of the wholesalers, which states that you are a customer.

The completed form needs to be filled out and brought to the ID window to finish the application process.  A photo is necessary and done on-site as it becomes a part of the finished ID.


  • Visitor’s Pass – $3.00
  • Annual ID Card – $20.00
  • Buyer Decals – $100.00 per year

Cost by type of vehicle is:

  • Auto – $2.00
  • Step-Van – $5.00
  • Cargo-Body – $10.00
  • Semi – $30.00

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