Jan 11 2017


Different varieties of eggplant can vary slightly in color, taste and texture, but overall they are mostly described as having a bitter taste and spongy texture.

  • American Eggplant

    This is the most popular type of eggplant in the US. It has a deep purple skin and creamy white flesh.

  • Italian/Baby Eggplant

    This is a mini version of American Eggplant, also deep purple and round or oval in shape.

  • Italian Rosa Biancos

    This is another mini version of Eggplant, but varies in color (from purple to white).

  • Chinese Eggplant

    This is also a mini Eggplant, but is thin and has light purple skin.

  • Japanese Eggplant

    This is longer and slimmer than American Eggplant; it has a thinner skin and sweeter flavor, and can also vary in color (from light purple to green or white).

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