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cornerstone of the New York food industry

Set on 113 acres with more than one million square feet of space inside its four main rows, Hunts Point offers a vast array of produce in and around New York for:

  • Retailers
  • Restaurateurs
  • Secondary wholesalers
  • Bodegas
  • Mom and Pop Stores
  • Caterers
  • Hotels
  • Steamship Lines
  • Airlines

From the mom-and-pop grocery on the corner to the high-end supermarket down the street, the hole in the wall diner to the most upscale restaurant, discerning customers rely on the Hunts Point cooperative of farmers and importers as a source for everything from exotic tropical fruits to your basic corn on the cob and vine-ripened tomatoes.

Historically Speaking…

Since 1967, cooks and retailers have bought produce from the now 35 merchants in Hunts Point on a daily basis. The lower Manhattan Washington Market of 1821 and its offshoot, the Bronx Terminal Market that eventually gave way to Hunts Point. Today’s market keeps up with the latest environmental and technological advances. Hunts Point is guided by the logistics required to service an immense scale at incredible speeds. Fruit and vegetables have a shelf life, after all.

Open 24 hours a day, five days a week, Hunts Point services one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. Hunts Point:

  • Provides food to 23,000 restaurants
  • Engages daily with more than 2,500 green grocers
  • Fills orders for big grocery chains
  • Employs 10,000 people directly and indirectly
  • Generates $2.3 billion in sales every year
  • Handles 210 million packages of produce every year
  • Supplies 60% of the food for City and Boroughs.
  • In a 50 mile radius the Market feeds about 9% of the population of the United States

Feed Your Soul — and Your Body

The Hunts Point merchants believe that food isn’t just about sustenance, it’s about culture, artistry and community, in addition to filling bellies. The selection you’ll find is as varied as New York City’s diverse population. Produce comes from around the world via train, plane, boat and truck, ensuring a constant supply of what you’re looking for.

Hunts Point merchants are proud to offer a choice of produce to appeal to any appetite, anywhere, anytime. And in the spirit of giving back so that everyone has access to healthy food, Hunts Point supports local anti-hunger organizations such as City Harvest. At the end of each day, produce is donated, helping to reach members of the community who might not otherwise have access to fresh produce.

It’s All in the Family

Buyers at Hunts Point build lasting relationships with wholesalers. While the sales keep the business afloat, the relationships and trust ultimately matter most. The Hunts Point merchant gets to know each business, which allows all involved to work together to help each other grow.

Whether you’re looking to buy by the box or by the pallet, you’ll find exactly what you need. While many buyers look for flawless produce, there’s also great demand for a different quality as buyers buy depending on the neighborhood they serve. Every need is met at Hunts Point, the cornerstone of the New York food industry.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that countless generations of immigrants and their families have shopped at Hunts Point. So many family businesses — from the food trucks and corner bodegas to the upscale Manhattan eateries and local building co-ops — begin their days in the produce market in the wee early morning hours. And because of the broad nature of the customers at Hunts Point, even small farmers can make a living off their work.

Expect No Less than the Best

The Hunts Point team has a long-standing commitment to uphold the traditions of:

  • Family
  • Hard work
  • Quality
  • Excellence

The produce sold at Hunts Point comes from 49 states and 55 countries, ensuring that you get the best of what the world has to offer. You get what you need so that you can put excellence on your menu, every day. Hunts Point embodies the farm-to-table and go-local movements — and always has — as it supports the efforts of local farmers.

To make the buying process as painless as possible for you and your business, you can find an application for credit available online.


Hours of Operation: The market opens at 9 pm Sunday and 10 pm Monday through Friday, and remains open until around noon. Accommodations can be made for late pickups.

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